Friday, 15 October 2010

Issue 232: The launch

The new issue is nearly here! We're set to be launching at the London anarchist bookfair, so if you're in the city on October 23rd, come down and have a look around, chat to people, look at the stalls and talks, and buy this top notch magazine which features:
 Exposé: A US citizen exposes the ever-changing landscape for getting visas and the games played with people’s lives by politicians grubbing for votes
Cover story: Ed Goddard pulls on the links between traditional trade unionism and the state – do union bureaucracies deliberately dampen militancy?
Analysis: A journalist who has worked the Somali coast gives a different view on ‘progressive’ piracy in the Indian Ocean   
Reportage: Joe Hell looks at the latest action in a wave of desperate measures by cleaning staff   
In Focus: The Anarchist Federation on cuts
Breathing Utopia: A former international development worker explains the industry and why it shouldn’t exist  
Interview: A Cenetista talks on the beginnings of the Spanish anarchists’ trade union    
Reportage: The Zapatistas are under attackIn focus: Proudon, the first anarchist 
Radical Reprint: Proudhon vs Leroux   
Analysis: Kropotkin’s social revolution    
Analysis: Willis’s “history of historians”  
Review: Pistoleros! one and two   
Hob’s Choice: The newest pamphlets   
Review: Lenny Flank and Marxism   
Review: Dave Douglass – the trilogy