Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Black Flag issue 233 due out next week!

It's time once again for our formidable pool of writers, reviewers and historians to bring you tens of thousands of precious, precious words on anarchism yesterday, today and tomorrow as well as reviews, interviews and even a photo essay. Honestly, for three quid we're spoiling you...

In the upcoming issue:

Cover story: The lessons of modern protest
In focus: The students’ fight
Analysis: Exposing neoliberal doublespeak as cuts hit the economic “recovery”
Breathing Utopia: Looking at how our mail system would work ... post revolution.
Analysis: The Stage Army
Interview: Active Distribution
Interview: Atari Teenage Riot
History: Making of a people’s song: How the Red Flag was inspired by anarchists
Radical Reprint: Remembering Kronstadt on its 90th anniversary
History: Class struggle and its burgeoning influence on the story of stories
History: Part Two of Brian Morris’s ode to the revolutionary prince, Peter Kropotkin
Review: Iain McKay’s introduction to Mutual Aid
Review: Looking at the Socialist Party’s politics
Review: Derek Wall and his eco-socialism
Hob’s Choice: Our regular roundup of the best political pamphlets
Review response: Dave Douglass, Ade Dimmick and Nick Heath go over the lengthy review of Douglass’s
biography from last issue